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Themed Table Centres

Themed Table Centres

Very often your themed table centres are the focus of attention and can draw your guests immediately into the party mood.

Imagine walking into a small function room for 100 guests and seeing 10 perfectly matching themed table centres, or a huge corporate event/private wedding for 1,000 and seeing a theme running through 100 stunning table centres? Quite impressuve and visual.

Theme table centres can sometimes be sourced from your venue. For instance candelabras are perfect for the themes of Cruise, Pirate (obviously dressed with ill-gotten gains) a Christmas Carol and Murder Mystery. Often these candelabras can be dressed to complement your theme quite cost efficiently. And don't forget to ask your venue if they offer complimentary T Lights and Mirror Bases. Venues love to help out and appreciate having the opportunity of being asked.

Additionally, professional Theme Prop Companies can offer quite a choice of unusual theme table centres from stock and create bespoke table pieces. These are excellent for parties, corporate events and especially product launches.

Theme Table Centres do not need to be traditional, include flowers or be a specific height or size. There are no restrictions and can be created from ice, acrylics and other unexpected materials. This allows us, your professional party and conference organiser, to recommend a choice to suit your theme and budget.

From Prom Night with Balloons, Swinging 60's Psychedelia, Halloween Horrors and Enchanted Forest Foliage there is absolutely no restriction to what we can provide and create for you.

If you are on a budget, you can concentrate on theme table centres and lighting, rather than a full Theme Prop/Room Dressing package to create and achieve the look you seek.

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