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Table Centres For Corporate Events

Table Centres For Corporate Events

You've planned the party, organised the room dressing, booked the entertainment and are putting the final touches to your event which include table centres. Which style should you have?

The choice is limitless. You can choose from designer floral arrangements, perspex candelabra, elegant tall installations and of course something outrageous to fit your theme.

If your guest list is small, say 60 to 100 people, perhaps 6-10 tables, then you may wish to consider identical graceful table centres to keep a tight stylish look to the room.

If your guest list is much larger and you need 20 to 200 table centres or more, it might be worth thinking about mixing two or three different styles which complement each other to vary the look of the room and offer diverse focal features to your guests.

As all function rooms are different to each other, with their own unique decor and ceiling heights, these features also need to be taken into account when planning your table centres. If the room has a low ceiling the table centre should not make the room look oppressive by being too full or tall. If the room has an exceptionally high ceiling then the reverse has to be taken into account.

What is absolutely essential is that none of your table centres restricts eye view between guests, which can make socialising through dinner rather uncomfortable and difficult.

When planning your table centres remember to take lighting into account. Many venues offer pin spots to tables and many table centres can be illuminated with state of the art LED lighting which includes remote controlled lighting effects.

Being a company with our own workshops and creative staff, we are constantly designing and creating new corporate table centres, both for stock and bespoke orders.

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