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Successful Conference Planning

Successful Conference Planning

Please note that the following is not a guide to planning a successful conference, it is more a general information resource for those who have never planned a conference before.

We are extensively approached by other companies asking us how we are able to keep our clients so happy in times like these.

Since the financial crash and misery thereafter the event and conference management branch took a serious nose dive. The penny is now turned twice before it is given out.

What are we asked in particular, quite simple realy, simply add "How do you" or "Do you have" to the following:

  • Planning a successful conference
  • Successful conference ideas
  • Successful conferences
  • Successful conference facilities
  • Top ideas for successful conferences
  • Secrets to a successful conference
  • Conference organisation checklist
  • Planning a professional conference
  • Checklist for conference organisers
  • Professional conference organisers

Our job is to create a situation where the client can trust us to organise and run a successful conference. The conference planning is the "be all" and "end all", if not completed in a professional manner the conference probably won't be as successful as it could be.

What are the main elements of a conference that need special attention - the people coming to the conference.

A little insight of needs that have to be taken into consideration when planning a successful conference:

  • Is the facility holding the conference suitable for disabled guests, specifically those requiring a wheelchair

  • Do visitors coming from international destinations require transportation from their place of arrival e.g Airport

  • Do guests require overnight accomodation, if yes how many and for how many nights

  • Does conference information (brochure, leaflets etc.) need to be provided to all visitors on arrival

A smooth non-complicated schedule of events and general organisation is required, meaning, a successful conference depends on the people who run and organise it.

If you are looking for a professional conference planning team then we at 1 Stop Events can help you with your next conference.

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