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Sporting & Unusual Venues

Sporting & Unusual Venues

More and more unusual, and once upon a time elite exclusive venues, are opening up their doors to Corporate and Private Groups for Conferences, Gala Dinners, Spa Treatments, Team Building, Fun Days, Training and Private Sports Events.

The choice of Sporting Venues ranges from any sport you can think of in the UK to specialist sports held only abroad possibly combined with particular weather conditions and requirements. The Cresta Run in St. Moritz is always a show stopper - particularly with photographic evidence of everyone's efforts - as is a Skiing Event or Yacht Regatta.

Have you ever played football with Dodgem Cars? It's not as easy to score as you might think.

Here at 1 Stop Events we can recommend a varied mix of Sporting Venues for you to choose from to perfectly fit your brief, budget and delegates. In addition, to complement your event, why not engage a sporting personality or two to round off your event with an auction, personalised photo opportunity and/or game demonstration?

Unusual Venues include Museums, Private Homes, Banks, National Trust Properties, City Centre Landmarks, Dungeons, Castles, Factories, Theatres, Universities, Hot Air Balloons and a priceless collection of secrets we keep for our very, very special clients.

Think of the brownie points and reputation you will earn securing exclusive use on a venue that your delegates didn't even think was available on the market to hire!

Working for those who have been there, seen it and bought the shopping mall are always a challenge to please and impress. However, no-one is ever disappointed when attending an event produced by 1 Stop Events.

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