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Red Carpet VIP Party Planning

Red Carpet VIP Party Planning

Usually there are only two restrictions to planning an event; budget and imagination but generally neither of these apply to planning a Red Carpet VIP Party.

Step 1 - Engage 1 Stop Events as your event planner. Without exception we aim our standards and service levels above excellence and our clients' expectations.

Step 2 - Use the established expertise and contacts of 1 Stop Events to ensure total professionalism and world wide state of the art entertainment, food and beverage, security and that je ne sais quoi that can be illusive.

Step 3 - Choose your date and create the most imaginative 'save the date' invitations ever - totally unique that will stir the curiosity of your guests. Bear in mind that most of them will have been there, seen it, got the t shirt and bought the shopping mall.

Step 4 - Think carefully about your venue, that it can cater for your number of guests, is accessible (if you are not providing speed boat / aircraft / vintage vehicle transfers), can be secured for your VIP guests and has overnight accommodation.

Step 5 - Plan your banqueting menus and wine accompaniments from our choice of expert Celebrity Chefs and Sommeliers.

Step 6 - Plan your entertainment through 1 Stop Events to achieve the best performers.

Step 7 - Let 1 Stop Events provide all of your services and suppliers so there is absolutely no chance that privacy might be compromised.

Step 8 - Cater to each guest's preference and whim - no matter what.

Step 9 - Make sure each and every member of staff is fully briefed with no detail omitted.

Step 10 - Walk the Red Carpet with your guests and enjoy.

Note: You will understand the above is a rough overview as we can't give any of our successful secrets away!

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