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Professional Conference Organisers

Professional Conference Organisers

Everyone has their own set of Life Skills and whilst many are blessed with inherent organisational abilities there are those who are not, or possibly just need a little help or don't have the time.

PCO's (professional conference organisers) are available world wide to give advice on a professional level on whatever event you may be producing; straight forward or complex.

It might be that you are in-house, located in the UK, and know your national market inside out for venues and preferred suppliers for your regular conferences. Regular suppliers are in sync with your company's needs, have successful history with you and are there to support you, as loyalty is always rewarded. It might also be that you know your major European Cities inside out and hold regular international conferences, but the door should never be closed to 'out of the box' add ons.

For instance, it can sometimes be more cost efficient to hire a local company, if your needs are basic, or if you are using a new venue and the in-house suppliers know that venue inside out.

Although this is not always the case. Working on the borders of Switzerland and France for an international company, on one occasion we brought in simultaneous translators we had worked with before from Italy. They knew our client's needs and terminology and, despite travel, ended up a lost more cost efficient than any of the local suppliers. This is exactly where clients can benefit from PCO's experience and knowledge of the conference market.

Most Professional Conference Organisers offer a complementary first consultation; here at 1 Stop Events we certainly do so you are able to make a fully informed decision on whether using a PCO will be cost efficient for each event you are planning.

Remember, we probably produce more Conferences than you do, keep abreast of latest technology and save you reinventing the wheel!

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