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Private Party Venue Search

Private Party Venue Search

You've decided to throw a Private Party and the first decision is where to hold your event.

If it's going to be at your home, or a marquee at your home, you'll need to check that you have access for suppliers and their vehicles, ie Caterers, DJ, Portable Loos, plus sufficient changing rooms for your entertainers.

If space might be tight - do not take chances - it never works! Instead consider holding your birthday, anniversary or landmark celebration party at a venue which could be a:

  • Hotel
  • Historical Venue
  • National Trust Property
  • Sports Stadium
  • Museum
  • Bar
  • Club

Or the most suitable venue for the style of event you are planning.

When carrying out your Private Party Venue Search, your first step should be to contact 1 Stop Events - your personal Professional Venue Search Agent. Offering a FREE service we'll check on your behalf:

  • The location is geographically suitable for you and your guests
  • The function room will accommodate both your anticipated minimum and maximum numbers
  • If you have to use the venue's in-house caterers or if you can bring in your own - ie dietary or religious preferences
  • That you will incorporate sufficient time for set up of room dressing, theme props and entertainer rehearsals, within your booking conditions
  • If there is a room hire charge or minimum spend requirement - we'll ensure you have all of your costs, fees and expenses explained up front
  • If the venue will offer complimentary artistes and crew rooms
  • If there is any age restriction - perhaps you are planning a Sweet 16th, Key to the Door 18th or 21st birthday party
  • If we can negotiate special overnight B&B rates within your package at the venue - or perhaps a nearby partner hotel

Bear in mind that Venues are more available and perhaps cheaper in January than December, when corporates are holding their Christmas Parties, and that venues might not be available through the Summer Wedding Season Period.

Best of all, using a Professional Private Party Venue Search Agent, we'll go through your T&C's with a fine toothed comb on your behalf and ensure what you get is exactly what it says on the tin!

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