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Private Party Planner

Private Party Planner

We often receive calls to ask if we get involved with, or can we help with, advice on planning a private party. The answer is always 'yes' and although our background is mostly corporate events, we also enjoy the small and not so small private parties.

Whilst we've been producing successful events for quite some time and have a huge experienced knowledge bank, we also appreciate this is probably the first party you are organising and how important it is to you.

We'd be delighted for you to contact us with any enquiry and we'll start by asking you the basics:

  • What's the occasion?
  • Do you have a date?
  • Are you having the party at your home; in your home or in a marquee - or both?
  • If you're not hosting the party at your home, do you need a venue?
  • How many guests do you anticipate?
  • Is there a theme to work to?
  • Do you have any ideas of what you would like?
  • Do you have a budget to work to?

One of our experienced and friendly event organisers will speak to you on the phone to gauge what you would like and how, if possible, we can help you. We're always more than happy to offer advice with absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

If logistically possible, we'll offer a complimentary visit to your home, meet you and run through your brief. We'll then offer advice on whether your home is large enough for your number of guests, the ceilings are tall enough for any props you might like, and there is access to your garden should you require a marquee or perhaps fun fair rides.

Absolutely no request is too small and as we love what we do, we're sure we can come up with lots of ideas to suit you, your occasion and your budget. From children's to adult parties, from regular homes to stately homes, from a field to a hotel venue, we can always come up with solutions and bring your dreams and wishes to reality.

Case Study 1 - Bollywood

We've transformed a private home into Bollywood complete with room dressing, entertainment, dance floor and dancers. None of our props are attached to floors, walls or ceilings and we always have the utmost respect for your home. The day after your party, you'll never know we've been there at all.

Case Study 2 - Frozen

We've produced a Frozen Party at a private home including creating an ice palace, ice forest, ice skating rink and entertainment to include face painters, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf and full children's entertainment.

Case Study 3 - Rio

This was for a 21st celebration at the client's home - a Stately listed building! From drummers, to carnival performers, to a traditional Rio band, even fire entertainment and firework display.

These are examples of our larger private parties, but we're as happy just providing a close up performer - magician, caricaturist, balloon artiste - or photo booth, or dance floor. 

So, if you are thinking of planning your own party and would like some guidance, we're just a call away.

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