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Pre-Conference Checklist

Pre-Conference Checklist

This sounds common sense, but checking and checking again is the best advice, not just for a conference but any corporate or private event.

Everything is in place - well, you hope so. have you checked? Do you need to check again? Absolutely!

Contracts are in place, the venues and hotels have been instructed and your suppliers contracted too. However, nothing without exception, should be taken for granted or assumed - even when you are working with colleagues of long standing.

No matter how many successful events under your belt, it's undeniably essential that you do not become complacent, as that will be the time a slip up could be unintentionally made.

It's sensible not only to check all arrangements are in place but also to have a trial run through of:

  • Technical requirements
  • Delegate, Speaker, VIP, Key Note and Entertainment rehearsals
  • Off site locations
  • Transfers, taking into account rush hour traffic, private hire and public transport
  • Have you booked sufficient set up time for each of your services, for instance installing room dressing, pyrotechnics and food and beverage
  • Have you taken care of crew and artiste changing rooms plus Green Room Rider requirements
  • Don't be phased by long and complicated contracts and riders. Read each and every word carefully. If there is anything you don't quite understand, seek advice. Better to cross off, tick and understand than worry and resort to luck
  • Daylight settings. We know Summer nights are lighter and nights draw in faster during the Winter, but these are often overlooked, plus time differences
  • Flight times. You may need to book hotel accommodation from the night before if you have long haul international delegates arriving in the morning. They should have immediate access to their rooms

Finally, there is a choice of event insurance companies. Have you covered every contingency?

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