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Party Time Management

Party Time Management

Successful parties don't just happen. They are the result of planning, thought, teamwork with the venue and good liaison with suppliers. But most importantly, Stop Watch timing is of the essence.

Not just timing for your Proceedings, but also for set up; for example if you are having a stage set put in, you need to know what time the build will be completed by before your band and DJ can arrive to set up.

A helpful check list is:

  • What time can you have access to the venue to set up OR work out your timings and liaise with the venue to have sufficient preparation time
  • Of your suppliers, who needs how long to set up and what are their requirements
  • Chair covers - ensure that your chairs are available and not stacked
  • Table centres - does your supplier need a preparation area
  • Room dressing - good access for drop off and pack down
  • Theme Props - plenty of room in the venue's function areas to accommodate each item, plus power supplies for uplighters
  • Entertainers changing rooms - preferably with separate areas for meals so odours do not permeate into costumes
  • Firework Candelabra - preparation area
  • Band - Riders and Green Room
  • Show Girls and Stilt Walkers - tall enough ceilings!

Have you checked the access to your venue? If there are multiple deliveries and only one goods inwards it's a good idea to schedule who is going to drop off and when.  Allow plenty of time between deliveries and ensure all drivers are informed of any vehicle height and width restrictions.

Once you have prepared a list of your suppliers, showing names, drop off arrival times and departure times also end of evening pack down times, you can give a copy to the venue so their staff are also aware - especially security. Shared information goes a long way to working as a team with a successful goal. It helps suppliers if they each have a copy with each responsibility highlighted in different colours.

Ask everyone if they have all the information they need. Often horror stories from previous gigs (none of ours!) are an aid on how to get it right.

Your plans are in place, your evening includes a sit down dinner and it's time to plan your entertainment programme. Depending on your theme, the occasion and number of guests you can have all of your Entertainers available for Meet and Greet and Mix and Mingle or spaced through the evening. Each client has their own preference. If acts are doing costume and make-up changes you need to allow sufficient time between sets. Remember anyone performing with fire is likely to get covered in soot and require a wash room!

If you have fun casino table entertainment, it's always a good time to limit the play, say an hour and a half or two hours, depending on the timing of your evening and the rest of the Proceedings. If the Casino Tables are not in the main function room, by closing them you don't spread your guests too thin through several rooms. If you have a Tribute Act, Cabaret Act or Band you'll have time between the close of the casino tables and the start to build up suspense and anticipation for maximum impact.

If the above has confused you, sounds complex or complicated then why don't you call on our help or even advice? We have loads of experience of producting events and are always happy to share our knowledge.

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