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Party Themes For Adults

Party Themes For Adults

Any party theme can turn out to be an excellent theme for adult parties. It's all in the planning.

Like all good theme parties it is essential to carefully decide:

  • The date of your event. Maybe, if its some way ahead, send out 'Keep The Date Free' notices should be issued.
  • If the event is in the Summer, check out conflicting sporting events and of course what time the sun sets. For example the theme Fire and Ice works best in Winter months.
  • What time would you like your guests to arrive? Remember to factor in plenty of set up time if your theme party has lots of room dressing and theme props to install.
  • What time should your party end? Will guests need to stay overnight, is there plenty of car parking? Does the finish time suit the age and theme of your event?
  • How many guests will you be inviting. Remember, they might not all be able to make it, but if they do this should be taken into account for your budget and logistics
  • What's the dress code? Are you going to suggest your guests come black tie, dress in them or have a choice?
  • What's programmed? Will you be providing drinks, food and dancing?
  • The Invitation. What is provided and covered by you, the host? Make sure your guests know what to expect, what is being hosted by you and what they need to bring or pay for.
  • Function Room. Try to ensure that your party room is large enough to take your maximum anticipated number of guests, but not so large that if fewer guests turn up they look lost!

Excellent Adult Party Themes can be from the categories Classic, Fantasy, Scary, Sporting, Period, Novel and Geographic. A good choice of ideas may be viewed on our Themes Page.

Just because your party theme is for Adults, doesn't mean that it has to be saucy, but it's rather fun if it is!!!

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