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Party Supplies

Party Supplies

Whether you are hosting a private party or organising a corporate event, you will need to source party supplies.

These start off with the check list, through to invitations, through to organising the venue, and every element that you will need through your event to make your party the very best it can be.


Depending on how much attention to detail you would like to achieve, your in-house or outside Printers can produce a Logo or Design which can be used through all printed material to include Hold the Date, Invitations with Matching Envelopes, Table Plans, Place Cards, Table Numbers, Menu Cards, Auction, Raffle and Donation envelopes.

Venue Liaison

You will need to organise with your venue food and beverage, colour and style of crockery, glassware and cutlery. In addition, whilst you may have to go to a third party supplier you can also tie in the colours of the table linen and napkins

Room Dressing

This must never be overlooked. What does the venue have and supply on a complimentary basis? What can you bring in to enhance or change the look of the room? This can include lighting, draping, staging and chair covers.

Floristry and Table Centres

You can choose floral table centres and have matching floor standing displays in your drinks reception area choosing colours to match your private event or corporate logo.

Theme Props

These aren't always essential, but a theme package can hugely enhance your party if a theme has been chosen. If your budget is small, limit the props to the main area for a reveal rather than dilute the effect through several areas.


This is the most important element of party supplies and a DJ must never be underestimated. A good DJ will not only know what to play and when and not tire out your guests too early in the evening but also have good quality equipment. If your budget allows, then you can consider a live band, walk about close up entertainers and perhaps a cabaret show.

Whatever party supply or party supplies you need 1 Stop Events has all the resources to support your event.

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