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Party Planning Tips

Party Planning Tips

Planning a Party? Have an occasion?

  • Birthday Party
  • Anniversary
  • Wedding
  • Retirement
  • Christmas
  • New Year's Eve
  • Summer Ball
  • Bar mitzvah/Bat mitzvah

Then 1 Stop Events has plenty of Party Planning Tips up our sleeves to offer you.

To Theme or Not To Theme?

The first decision you have to make is whether or not to have a theme to your party. A list of some of the themes we offer may be viewed at Party Themes. Choosing a theme can help guests know what to wear and what to expect!

Guest List

Prepare your guest list to either decide who to invite, with a maximum number in mind, or how many people your guest list might comprise of.


Irrespective of whether you mail out invitations by post, invite your guests by email, text, a social networking site or by SmartPhone App, remember to let your guests know the basics; arrival time, dress code, what's offered to eat and drink, if the bar is free or a pay one and the party end time.

The Venue

Once you know how many guests to expect at your party you can begin to choose your venue ensuring there is enough room and space for all the entertaining and activities you wish to include at your event. Your Venue Event Manager should be able to help you with:

  • Reception Drinks / Canapés Private Area
  • Dinner/Dance Function Room Layout
  • Catering / Food / Menus
  • Beverages / Bar Drinks
  • Technical Support
  • Staging
  • Dance Floor
  • Artistes' Green Rooms

Room Dressing

There is so much on offer in the party planning market place these days. From chair covers to exciting table linen, table centres, ice sculptures, theme props and sound and lighting effects. Work out what your budget is for each of these items before you approach suppliers.


A successful party can be achieved from simply employing a professional DJ to play background music until the lights are dimmed and the volume ramped up. But if you have the budget, you can explore close up entertainers through your drinks reception, Rat Pack style crooners through your dinner service, an evening cabaret and even a Fat Lady to sing.

1 Stop Events has all the Party Planning Tips and Services to make your party the very best it can be - all under one roof!

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