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Party Planning Guide

Party Planning Guide

Wouldn't it be marvellous if there was the ultimate Party Planning Guide?

However, each and every event is completely unique, so much so, that even in the unlikely event that two identical events are held at the same venue, on similar dates, with the same guests attending, room dressing duplicated, professional entertainment, production faultless, mirrored briefs and matching budgets.

That's why here at 1 Stop Events we offer you complimentary advice based on years of producing successful events for Corporate, Private, Social and Fund Raising Clients. We know and appreciate that the event you are planning is the most important to you and your guests and it just has to be the very best it can be. We also understand that one success does not breed another and complacency can be a huge pit fall.

Guides tell you all about choosing suppliers, venues, catering, beverage, entertainment, room dressing and production but these are just guides; not definitive guarantees of success. Just take a look at our Party Planning Pages and you'll see how much thought, effort, planning and professionalism we put into each of our events, no matter how challenging or generous the budget.

And then, of course, there are so many different types of parties, for instance, themed, anniversaries, fund raisers, award nights, that the only commonality is the hard work beforehand, the seamless production on the event and post event financial reconciliation.

If you are seeking the Ultimate Party Planning Guide, then send an email or give us a call and speak to any one of our friendly staff who will walk you along the yellow brick road, introduce you to the wizard and make all your impossible dreams come true.

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