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Party Planning Checklist

Party Planning Checklist

Why, What, When, Where!

Basically those are the four questions anyone needs as a start for their party planning check list.

Why are you having a party? Is it a birthday, anniversary, retirement, engagement, landmark 18th or 21st, Christmas, Christening or no reason at all?

What would you like to do? Family and friends intimate party, maybe something larger at a venue or hotel, or perhaps full bells and whistles with drinks reception, seated dinner, live band and close up entertainment.

When would you like to celebrate? Have you checked what else might be happening on your chosen date? Maybe someone else's party, F1 on the tv or an important football or other sports match? If there are no clashes with interests of your guests, then you are probably safe to go with a green light.

Where would you like to hold your party? At your home, a marquee in your garden, a unique/unusual venue, traditional hotel, sports venue, train or perhaps even a theme park? You need to check that all invitees will be happy with the choice, logistically able to get to the party venue and then you are ready to plan.

Your check list can include:

  • Save the date
  • Invitation - old fashioned stiffy for the mantelpiece, email, text or app
  • Theme props and room dressing
  • Dress code
  • Suitable venue
  • Local overnight accommodation for those travelling from afar
  • Food - menus taking into account cultural and dietary preferences
  • Beverage
  • Close up entertainment
  • Dance floor
  • Staging
  • Sound and light
  • Live Band
  • DJ
  • Dancing Girls
  • A singing fat lady
The longer and more comprehensive the list - the better! Here at 1 Stop Events we offer all the expertise and experience you need to make your party the very best it can be.

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