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Party Ideas

Party Ideas

Generally there are only two restrictions to Party Ideas - Imagination and Budget!

Any occasion, excuse or reason is sufficient to throw a party. From its simplest form from a few guests for nibbles and drinks at your home to hiring a venue, completely theming it with props and having a full programme of entertainment.

In fact - why stop there? If your budget allows, charter a boat or plane and whisk your guests off to paradise for the party of the century.

There is absolutely no limit to what party ideas can make the best private or corporate party. Here are some guidelines to bear in mind:

  • What occasion is the party for?
  • Who are the guests to be invited?
  • Where is the party to be held?
  • How elaborate/technologically advance should the invitations be?
  • Is the event a fund raiser?
  • What food and beverage is required?
  • What would be suitable entertainment?
  • What's been done before and should be avoided?
  • What's on your 'wish list'?

Maybe you need venue ideas of where to hold your party? Stately Home, Sports Arena, Museum, Theatre, Zoo, Hotel, Marquee.

Maybe you need entertainment ideas? Circus Acts, Cabaret Performers, Close Up Entertainers, Magicians, Stilt Walkers, Human Statues, Fire Shows, Comedians, Dancers, Live/Well Known/Tribute Artistes.

Or perhaps you're looking for food and beverage ideas, totally different from the norm and new esoteric and culinary experiences.

Look no further than 1 Stop Events for the very best in party ideas.

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