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Outdoor Team Building Activities

Outdoor Team Building Activities

There are basically three types of corporate team building activities:

  1. Individual Accomplishments
  2. Team Challenges
  3. Making a day's routine unpredictable

A marvellous way to team build is to take your employees out of the comfort zone of their offices into the outdoors where routines and predictable schedules are swapped for new experiences. Watch your delegates bond, or in some cases make existing bonds stronger, and especially to appreciate how strengths and abilities of individuals can gel to make a formidable team.

There is always something new to learn on aspects of motivation and morale which leads to increased efficiency and profitability.

The most popular corporate outdoor team building activities are:

  • Orienteering, combined with Bush Craft
  • Country Sports, ie Archery, Shooting and Laser Sports
  • Motorised, ie Quad Biking, Reverse Steer, Blind Driving, Off Road 4x4 and F1 Experience
  • Water, ie RIB's, Canoeing and Sailing
  • Air, ie Gliding, Helicopters, Paragliding, Hot Air Balloons and Red Arrows
  • Inflatable Game Challenges
  • Film Making - Perfect for showing later on at Dinner

Outdoor team building doesn't have to be restricted to the UK, but can be part of an off-site conference, especially where companies are international and different cultures and languages have to be taken into account.

Nor does the weather have to be predictable. You can choose snow based events, for instance, ski-ing, snow boarding, paragliding and Iron Man type challenges.

If you want to push your work force, then make it a challenge - completely out of everyone's comfort zone, including yours.

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