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New Website Design

Introducing our New Website Design

We were recently asked why we've changed the way our website looks and works. This blog post answers those questions.

Our website was re-designed and re-structured in 2006 - a long time ago in internet and computer technology years! The old version didn't allow for the expansion and flexibility we need for right now and going forward.

Internet users prefer a colour combination that's easy on their eyes; the colour combination we've chosen reflects this.

The Mobile Internet

Nowadays computer technology and mobile devices are being developed in leaps and bounds. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are used for internet access, so we're keen to embrace technology to provide the best internet experience when you're on the move.

In the near future we'll be adding enhancements to our website structure with a progressive technology that passes the website layout and design elements to the application that's being used to view the site, e.g. smartphone or PC.

We hope that moving away from a dark website improves your experience when using our website. If you have any comments or questions (technical or otherwise), please feel free to use our contact form found here »

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