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Key Of The Door Celebrations

Key Of The Door Celebrations

Celebrate in style with the expertise of 1 Stop Events and impress your guests.

Many 18th and 21st Birthday Parties are themed; the most popular party themes at the moment being Safari and Cirque du Soleil style circus performances.

Invite your family and friends to your special Key of the Door Party with loads for them to enjoy. Great food, exciting entertainment and the best DJ's available.

If your party is going to be at a venue, say a hotel, museum, sports venue, we can help you with all the theme props and room dressing you require. Alternatively, if you wish the party to be at your home, or perhaps a marquee in your garden we can bring in every celebratory party service necessary, dazzling you and your guests with a complete transformation -no-one will believe their eves - and after pack down you'll never know we've been there.

Not only room dressing, but we have a huge selection of traditional performers on our books from meet and greet, mix and mingle to full on cabaret shows, as well as the very best LED and pyrotechnic performers on the club party circuit. From Glow Robots to Dancers, performances can be as outrageous and interactive as you wish.

Party Add Ons can be:

  • Ice Bar/Ice sculpture/Vodka Luge personalised with your name and celebration date
  • Illuminated Cocktail Bars
  • LED Dance Floors
  • Chill Out Areas
  • Selection of Food Stations
  • Exciting unusual transport to get you and/or your guests to the venue
  • Pyrotechnic Shows
  • Even Rhianna - if you have the budget!

Whether you have an idea of what you'd like or need some help, why not give 1 Stop Events a call and take advance of our expertise - totally without commitment or fee.

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