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Fancy Dress Themes

Fancy Dress Themes

The great thing about choosing a theme for your party is that it lends itself to encouraging guests to dress up in fancy dress costumes.

Your guests may have a shy response to a fancy dress invitation but you'll be amazed at who turns up as what and with whom.

The most popular themes for a fancy dress party include:

In fact, fancy dress works well for any party theme you choose from the apparent plain to totally outrageous. The world is your oyster and all you have to do is think out of the box, have a dream and let us make it come true for you.

In addition to requesting your guests wear fancy dress you can also coordinate your invitations, drinks reception, dinner menu choice, table centre displays, theme props, room dressing and of course your entertainment.

Not only that, but if you ask your venue's catering staff to join the fun but also dressing in costume, their staff are likely to appreciate an excuse to dress differently from the norm black and white. Plus their enthusiasm in being part of your party will increase their service levels.

An additional idea for your fancy dress theme is to have green screen photography for 'authentic' settings as souvenirs to share laughs with and gifts to take away.

A bonus of having a fancy dress theme is that guests do not have to hire expensive costumes, but can show their artistic and creative talents by making their own costumes. Imaging the whoops of amazement seeing couples arrive as a double act and for groups to arrive as an entire troupe, for instance Sound of Music, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Wizard of Oz.

Let your imagination run wild and have the best party ever.

For the best out of the box ideas take a look at our party themes and ask one of our talented members of staff at 1 Stop Events to help you with your fancy dress theme.

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