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Event Planning

Event Planning


Decide why you are having an event and then approximately how many guests you'd like to invite and have attend. Have you a budget in mind to work to? Or, do you need to explore what's available? If you have a budget to work to - everything is possible!


Do you have a venue in mind? Will you carry out your own venue search or would you like 1 Stop Events to offer a FREE Venue Search for you? Remember your location is important if guests will be travelling from near and far and that overnight accommodation at the venue or nearby might be required. If your event is in Winter you are likely to require cloakroom facilities. If your event is in the Summer, it's likely you will require access to gardens and terraces with outdoor catering. Before you sign a contract with your venue, check the fine print Terms and Conditions.


What time would you like your party to start and finish? Timing is important, so work out if you wish to include a Reception, Sit Down Dinner, Buffet, Speeches, Presentations, Cabaret and of course Dancing. Guests will need to know what is happening and when, so they can organise their diaries and dress code.


Choose a professional Printer as they have the latest, greatest ideas and trends. Perhaps you'd like to have your invitation coordinated with Save the Date, Seating Plan, Table Numbers and Place Cards?

Room Dressing and Entertainment

It might be that you have talent within your family/guest list to provide your own entertainment, or maybe you need the assistance of a Professional Entertainment Agent. Work out what would be enjoyed by your group of guests and then enquire which artistes are available. When comparing quotes, remember it's unlikely that artistes live around the corner to your venue, so remember to check that fees include travel expenses.

Your Event is Unique

Obviously there is a lot more to planning an event than is shown above, but as each event is unique and specific to each host's brief and budget, this is just a guide. Far more information is available at 1 Stop Events so all the advice and support you need is only a contact away for Planning the Perfect Event.

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