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Event Management Tips

Event Management Tips

Sometimes in a situation, common sense is obvious but it has to be pointed out and you literally think 'derh'!

It's the same planning an event. You can have a check list, use a wipe board, latest software, go through your proceedings multiple times with your team, but there's always going to be an unexpected curved ball that you'll have to deal with.

The key work in producing any event is 'flexibility'.

If you are making a dress or putting up a shelf you measure twice and cut once. It's the same principle with event management. Go through all of your options and do not make any decisions until you are happy that you have explored all options and that decision will stand.

Check your brief and budget. Do all of the pieces fit? Do you need to make any adjustments? Do you have a list of possible scenarios that can be accommodated if they arise?

Share all knowledge and planning with your team. Know which members of your team are decisive, who are foot soldiers and who have specific skills. Allocate responsibilities, exactly as if you are planning a military operation, and delegate with confidence. By having regular meetings and open sessions all of your team will be on board to ensure your event is a total success.

Curved balls can be:

  • Unexpected delegate and speaker additions
  • Unexpected venue building works
  • Unseasonal weather
  • Local Public Holidays
  • Sports events
  • Cultural differences

If your event is going to be in a different country to where you are located, take advantage of local knowledge.

If there is one thing we experience over and over again, all Event Managers enjoy sharing knowledge and tips.

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