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Entertainment Agency

Entertainment Agency

The benefits of using an established, reputable Entertainment Agency are encompassed in peace of mind.

Of course it's your prerogative to trawl the internet but this could take precious time and you might not have the umbrella of a bone fide contract with your artiste. Often the cheapest route can turn out to be the most expensive, especially if your chosen artiste fails to turn up or doesn't deliver the act you thought you were getting.

You only have your celebratory event once, there are no second chances and it's important, if you don't know the ropes of the trade, to protect yourself in a cast iron contract.

Here at 1 Stop Events we keep abreast of new acts and performers on the party circuit. We know their pedigree, calibre and who would be suitable for which event. We can help you from one of the best party DJ's to close up entertainers, to tribute bands, speciality acts, lookalikes, to full on cabaret acts - even Katy Perry or Elton John if you have the budget.

As a professional Entertainment Agent, we'll help you sort out what your artiste requires to deliver the best performance. This can be a changing room, power supplies, backi9ng tracks, sound and lighting to full on Green Room. The happier your artiste, the better performance you'll be delivered.

Of course, as 1 Stop Events has its pulse on the button, we may be aware of acts you have never heard of and perhaps you do not have access to. Just read some of our Testimonials to see the benefits and guaranteed success rate of using 1 Stop Events.

Looking for the perfect Entertainment for your private or corporate gig? Your perfects acts are just an email/phone call away.

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