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Corporate Hospitality

Corporate Hospitality

With Summer well on the way many businesses are considering their programme for this year's Corporate Hospitality. Maybe not quite as clear cut as corporate hospitality used to be, as tax treatments need to be investigated fully by Hosts, Employees and Clients, but Corporate Hospitality has never been so important or valued as in these current economic times.

Hospitality can include (but not limited to) Sporting Events, Motorsports, Athletics/Olympics, Horse Racing/Polo, Concerts, Festivals, The Arts, Vineyards and Overseas Trips.

Excellent international cuisine, company, environment, entertainment and service levels all go to make the perfect hospitality package. This makes a convivial combination for your employees and clients to mix business with pleasure with marketing and sales.

Corporate Hospitality is sometimes not as straight forward as it might seem. It's not always simply a case of just booking tickets and having unlimited finance resources. It's getting the event, date, timing and package absolutely correct for the group you are planning. And, don't forget how to get your guests there and back again!

Transport, logistics and overnight accommodation can be the icing on the cake to a day out or weekend package where no-one has to worry about any element of their hospitality treat.

Be fresh and open minded when you consider your Corporate Hospitality as packages and opportunities have leaped forward out of the box over recent years.

Here at 1 Stop Events we can help you source exclusive tickets to the most sought after seats - even apparently SOLD OUT events - taking into account every detail, no matter how small, for your group.

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