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Corporate Anniversary Celebrations

Corporate Anniversary Celebrations

Your company is celebrating its first year in business or perhaps 10th anniversary, 20th, 25th, silver jubilee of 60 years or, maybe like a famous drinks company, its 125th corporate anniversary.

If your company is based in the UK with one office or Global with offices around the world, it's time to invite all of your employees to celebrate the success of the past and plan the way forward to build on that success together with brand awareness. It might also be appropriate to invite customers and clients.

A good way to celebrate is to bring everyone together and break down any possible language barriers with music and entertainment.

As with planning any event, the first step is to calculate number of attendees, formulate a programme and decide where the event should be held and budget. Elements to include can be:

  • Venue Search
  • Timing - Crucial!
  • Food and Beverage
  • Technical Support with maybe podcasts
  • Entertainment
  • Room Dressing
  • A Theme to complement your Brand or era the company was established.
  • Press Coverage
  • PR tool to increase sales
  • Ice Sculpture
  • Celebratory Cake
  • Photography and Videography
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Team Building
  • Website Awareness - if the inception date isn't on your website, this is a great opportunity to promote the anniversary and add company information
  • Including the Local Community

Once the planning is in place it's time to send out invitations and celebrate your Corporate Anniversary in a style that's appropriate to your business. The celebration can be as low key or high tech as your brief and budget dictate.

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