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Conference Room Management

Conference Room Management

We understand the importance of slick conference production so your delegates know where they are going, when they have to be there and what they can expect.

We work with venues on their free standing, screen and human signage to ensure walking from A to B is as easy as it can be.  After all, your delegates are there to attend your conference and getting lost is not an option.

You may be planning a one day off-site with just one plenary session or perhaps with breakouts. Or, even what appears to be a complicated few days of multiple meetings in multiple rooms with multiple breakouts.

We'll check that your venue can cope with the programme, gives you and us enough time to set up each meeting room (including all AV, staging and ancillary equipment), is prepared with early breakfast welcome refreshments for everyone, has lunch breaks on time (taking into account any dietary preferences) and work with us efficiently for successful production of each of the elements of your event.

We'll ensure room turnarounds include the correct seating preference layout, data capture and audience participation. Everyone will have a good view of the stage, speedy access to data by software or hard copy and hidden sound system for perfect audio levels.

Your company logo and corporate colours will be taken into account with table dressing, stage sets and corporate merchandise. We can even match in our technical crew's livery to your conference branding if you wish.

At the end of your conference, we'll ensure each room is emptied and tidied, or left as per your instructions, and absolutely no sensitive material is left behind or put into random refuse bins.  Data security is always high on our list.

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