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Conference Party Planning

Conference Party Planning

Nearly every Conference programme includes a Gala Night, off site Party Event, Awards Night, or After Party. Meticulous planning of these social events is just as crucial as the conference production.

If your party is going to be held in the same function room as the conference you need to check:

  • Turn round time is sufficient, not just for your crew, but also the venue/hotel staff
  • Whether any technical kit from the conference, ie staging, light, sound, screens, can be used for the party
  • The look of the room has to be completely transformed which can be done with lighting, party theme props, room dressing, table centres and table and chair linen
  • You have sufficient "green rooms" for your entertainers
  • There is sufficient time and floor space for your entertainers to rehearse
  • If your goods entrance has restrictive access, that a schedule is given to all suppliers so each one can deliver and drop off without queuing
  • There is a clear Function Sheet to show who is doing what, where and when

If your party is going to held in a different function room/location to your conference then you need to check, in addition to the obvious above:

  • That your chosen venue has enough space for the number of guests and entertainment programme
  • Set up access times
  • Date and time by which function room/venue must be cleared
  • What does the venue offer on a comp basis to save unexpected expenditure, ie staging, light, sound, lectern, dance floor

If you are providing entertainment and entertainers, do bear in mind if you have an international guest list, that there are no cultural or language barriers. At 1 Stop Events we have entertainment to suit every occasion, every audience and every possible party theme.

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