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Conference Management

Conference Management

There are three key elements to good Conference Management of residential and non-residential conferences, but each one is crucial to the other:

  1. Pre-event
  2. Production
  3. Post Event

As with any other corporate conference project it's all about preparation, preparation, preparation. The more you prepare, plan and rehearse, the more seamless your conference will be.

Pre Event

This is the time to plan, organise and execute your Advertising, Attendance Criteria, Marketing Material and Attendee Communication. Remember, whilst you've been working on the project for a while and probably know the Conference inside out, all the information will be new to your delegates (in-house or fee paying) so it's essential you answer in advance every question any delegate might ask you.

In addition, you should work as hard on Conference Management with your non residential venues, residential hotel, technical support, speakers and all other third parties involved in your Conference. The more information is shared, the more everyone will work as one team.


You'll need to cover the Rooming List, perhaps have a dedicated check in where welcome packs may be handed out to your conference delegates, branded signage, issue badges and floor plans to show where exhibitors, break outs, refreshments, lunch and conference sessions are being held.

Welcome Packs can include the Programme, even thought it might already have been circulated in a soft version, Delegate Lists, Testimonial Forms, Q&A Preparation, local Tourist Information and Feedback Questionnaire.

Technical Support

This can be low coverage or as high spec tech as the Conference demands. Check list for technical support usually includes a minimum of rehearsals, official photographer, video (instant and/or broadcast quality), stage and set design, sound, lighting, simultaneous translation and speaker support.


Conference Management extras can include delivery of materials, floral arrangements, gala dinners, theme props, entertainment, room dressing, partner programmes, off site team building activities and of course goodie bags.


If you've put in place all of your arrangements pre-event, you should automatically have a proceedings schedule to work to. It's practical to have each team's responsibility in a different colour for ease of reference.

Post Event

This is the time to debrief, capturing essential information for future events, gather feedback from your attendees and ask for testimonials which can be used for future marketing material.

Dedicated Conference Management always results in an excellently produced Conference.

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