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College Party Themes

College Party Themes

It's the end of the College Year, it's your Prom Night, or it's just time to P A R T E E.

There will no doubt be a committee to organise the event whose duties will be to organise food, beverage, room dressing, theme props, live band entertainment, a DJ and perhaps a surprise or two, not forgetting the invitations and posters.

Choosing a good theme for your College Party gives everyone an opportunity to dress to impress and perhaps wear something different to the day to day norm. A good theme can bring out the hidden creativity in your guests abilities to create their own costumes and bring humour to your event which in turn will be an automatic ice breaker as guests begin to arrive.

Your guests are likely to arrive by stretch limo to walk the red carpet to their college theme party and will have high expectations - especially if they weren't on the committee.

Mostly, college parties are held in halls, so it's great if your budget will stretch to room lining and backdrops for the stage to really pull in the theme.

Great College Themes are:

  • Adam and Eve - Who Ate the Apple
  • Under the Sea/ Secrets of the Sea / Atlantis
  • Around the World
  • Toga Party Theme - made famous by John Balushi in Animal House
  • Arabian Nights / Ali Baba Theme
  • 60's, 80's Decade party Theme
  • Beach Party / Caribbean / Life's a Surf
  • Venetian Ball / Masquerade
  • Guys in Ties and Girls in Pearls

Balloons are always a great way to say PARTY and theme on a budget. Creating balloon arches and balloon drops, no matter how old hat, can be great fun, especially if the balloon colours and shapes are in line with your party theme.

Remember to include loads of fun, if not darn right outrageous, games and challenges for your guests.

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