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Birthday Party Themes

Birthday Party Themes

Why choose a theme for your birthday party? Because if you've always fancied being a Super Hero, Princess, James Bond or revealing your alter ego, then choosing a party theme is a great way to throw a party and have all of your friends and family join in the fun.

Celebrating a child's birthday or adult landmark, ie 18th, 21st, 30thy, 40th, 50th and so on will be an important achievement and should be celebrated in style. At 1 Stop Events we have loads and loads of themes to suit both little children and the bigger children too.

Your entire invitation stationery/email can carry the theme of your birthday party letting everyone know that there's an opportunity to make, create or hire a costume and be as wall flower or outrageous as they'd like. By having a specific theme, rather than saying costume optional, you'll generate excitement, have everyone look forward to your birthday celebration and also have marvellous memories and photos to share and upload on to social network sites afterwards.

By choosing your venue carefully, a museum, sports stadium, hotel, home or marquee, you can match up your room dressing, linen and party theme props to your theme and no-one will recognise the venue where you are holding your birthday party. It's important to choose the correct venue for your party, although at 1 Stop Events we can dress and transform most venues beyond your wildest dream.

Your entertainment can also be tied into the birthday party theme. Just take a look at some of our party themes, and each one will give an idea of the themed entertainment we can provide. We have so many entertainment ideas and performers to offer, we can match exactly what you are looking for. You name it, we've probably got it!

Birthday parties with a theme do not need to be an expensive production. Often the simpler the better. But remember, if you wish to be extravagant, the more budget you have to work with, the more elaborate we can make your celebration.

Contact our Birthday Party Theme professionals, or just call for a chat, and we'll be more than happy to advise you every step of the way.

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