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Corporate Entertainment Ideas
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Corporate Entertainment isn't just for an Awards or Gala Night it can also for Team Building, Sales Training, Corporate Family Fun Days and many other elements of a successful conference or corporate event. Conferences We can provide your Motivational Speaker, Compere, Video Presentation and of course sound, light and the stage set.…

College Party Themes
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

It's the end of the College Year, it's your Prom Night, or it's just time to P A R T E E. There will no doubt be a committee to organise the event whose duties will be to organise food, beverage, room dressing, theme props, live band entertainment, a DJ and…

Fancy Dress Themes
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

The great thing about choosing a theme for your party is that it lends itself to encouraging guests to dress up in fancy dress costumes. Your guests may have a shy response to a fancy dress invitation but you'll be amazed at who turns up as what and with whom. The most…

Event Planning
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Why? Decide why you are having an event and then approximately how many guests you'd like to invite and have attend. Have you a budget in mind to work to? Or, do you need to explore what's available? If you have a budget to work to - everything is possible! Where? Do you…

Reception Party Planning Tips
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

A Reception Party, whatever the style, be it Cocktail, Champagne, Wine or Soft Drinks can be easy to plan, execute and enjoy with the correct tools in place. Firstly, is your Reception Party Private? Perhaps an Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Christening, Bar mitzvah, Bat mitzvah, Family/School/College/University Reunion or Retirement Celebration? Or, is…

Birthday Party Themes
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Why choose a theme for your birthday party? Because if you've always fancied being a Super Hero, Princess, James Bond or revealing your alter ego, then choosing a party theme is a great way to throw a party and have all of your friends and family join in the fun. Celebrating…

Introducing our New Website Design
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

We were recently asked why we've changed the way our website looks and works. This blog post answers those questions. Our website was re-designed and re-structured in 2006 - a long time ago in internet and computer technology years! The old version didn't allow for the expansion and flexibility we need…

Party Planning Ideas
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

No matter what kind of party you are intending on organising whether it be a corporate event or even a private party, fantastic ideas are always needed to make the party a party to remember. Planning a party means a lot has to be thought through, organised and realised. Taking time…

Successful Conference Planning
Posted by: 1 Stop Events.

Please note that the following is not a guide to planning a successful conference, it is more a general information resource for those who have never planned a conference before. We are extensively approached by other companies asking us how we are able to keep our clients so happy in times…

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